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Twisted Things

Rescued after hours in the freezing water clinging onto the wreckage of her yacht, Clara Conner wakes up in Dover hospital with hazy memories of the accident that put her there. Patrick, her husband, is missing following an explosion that tore the Connemara apart.

Haunted by shocking and violent images, Clara becomes convinced that Patrick was murdered and that she was attacked; but are these really memories or are they just trauma induced fantasies?

As Clara begins to sort through Patrick’s business affairs, she soon realises that her husband has led a double life. He was involved with criminals and owed a great deal of money to them.

So when a mysterious stranger watches the house and follows Clara’s every move, her fears for her own safety, and that of her twelve-year old son, begin to grow.

Could this man be the attacker who killed Patrick and tried to murder her; and has he come to finish the job?

The truth is revealed in a terrifying final scene.

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Madge Swindells : Twisted Things

Twisted Things by Madge Swindells

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