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Summer Harvest

Set between 1938 and 1968 in a land where gruelling poverty rubs shoulders with remarkable opulence, and moving from the Cape to London and the West Coast of America, Summer Harvest is a family saga in the finest tradition.

At the heart of the story is Anna, a woman as strong and passionate as she is ambitious, who fights her way up from near destitution to become one of the Cape’s most prominent and powerful businesswomen.

Simon — a poor farmer when they marry — has too much masculine pride to stand on the sidelines while Anna plunders her way to a success that threatens tragedy and loss.

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Madge Swindells : Summer Harvest
“A Spellbinding read.” — Sarah Harrison, author of The Flowers of the Field.

“Anna van Achtenburgh mirrors the strengths and the weaknesses of her beautiful, harsh country: the toughness, the dazzling material success, the moral dilemmas, the tragedy. I was gripped from start to finish.” — Kate Alexander, author of Friends and Enemies.
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