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String of Pearls

Helen Conroy is happily married with two children and a husband she adores when war is declared.   The blitz leaves her homeless, so she returns to her father’s house on the Dorset coast, but she is shattered when her husband asks for a divorce.

Then, in September, 1942, US troops arrive in Southern England bringing hope and joy along with their cigarettes and chewing gum. These young men will be part of the greatest military invasion the world has ever seen,  so Brits and GIs alike live and love for the moment.

Captain Simon Johnson, a US military intelligence agent, is billeted with Helen, but this leads to explosive consequences.   Unbeknown to the family, Helen’s beloved foster son, Milo, a refugee from Czechoslovakia, is being forced to collaborate by the Nazis who hold his parents hostage.

Helen and Simon fall deeply in love, but their future is threatened by Milo’s trauma.

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Madge Swindells : Twisted Things
Swindells delivers a sensitive love story filled with self-sacrificing characters who epitomize the brightness of the human spirit even under the darkness of war  -  Booklist review.
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