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Hot Ice

Christine Winters, young, beautiful and brainy, quits her successful legal career for a more exciting life and joins a London-based company investigating fraud.

Concurrently her former school friend, Sienna Sheik, daughter of India’s diamond king, is kidnapped on the way to her wedding.

When a managing partner investigating diamond laundering is murdered, Chris fights to take his place, hoping that her brief will help to free her friend. She finds herself in deep water as she tracks the criminals who buy billions of dollars of conflict diamonds from war torn territories, launder them and sell them at top prices to high street jewellers in the main city centres.

There is a contract on her life, but Chris keeps one step ahead as she moves through Africa’s main diamond centres seeking answers to her many questions.

Chris finds that there are no angels in this business ...

Chris has hardly begun when her research knocks away her preconceptions, leaving her with a sense of unease. This is a new ball game.

Winning is the code she lives by, but she needs to be on the side of the angels. In this business there are no angels, only ruthless greed.

Who can say that a ‘legitimate’ diamond is one produced by members of the London-based diamond cartel? Or that a quality rough discovered by an impoverished African farmer on his own land is illegal and therefore not his to sell? Aren’t the rules a gigantic hoax to maintain artificially high prices? So who suffers? The brain–washed public who are ripped off? Or the maimed and displaced children of civil wars? Or jobless African peasants who have thrown off the yoke of colonialism only to find themselves up against a new kind of ‘ism’?

Chris seriously considers quitting, but what about Sienna? From here on Chris is on her own as she travels through Africa’s main diamond fields, pursued by men who will stop at nothing to get her out of their way.

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Madge Swindells : Hot Ice

Hot Ice by Madge Swindells

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