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The Corsican Woman

Sybilia Rocca is beautiful, gentle and intelligent.

But she is also Corsican and in her blood run the intense passions of her race ... passions that drive her to shoot her father-in-law before stunned witnesses in the small square of a sea-swept town set high on a Corsican cliffside.

What is the terrible secret — the dark act of treachery twenty years before — that compels Sybilia to carry out her vendetta?

Virtually everyone in the village knows, yet the unwritten law of their culture keeps them silenced.

And now Sybilia is fighting for her life, gripped by a passion strong enough to destroy it ...

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Madge Swindells : The Corsican Woman
“The Corsican Woman is a gripping saga of love, hatred and revenge and of a passion strong enough to destroy ... Madge Swindells captures beautifully the flavour of Corsica and its turbulent inhabitants.” — London Evening Standard
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