Madge Swindells, Author
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Madge Swindells has written fourteen novels, many of which were international bestsellers. Her novels have been translated into nine languages.

Her work is preserved in Boston University’s archives as an example of 20th-century popular literature, along with that of such diverse celebrities as Ella Fitzgerald, George Bernard Shaw and Glenda Jackson. [more..]

Ripples on a Pond : The well-heeled English village of Temple Minnis, placid, privileged and picturesque, presents a facade as smooth and calm as its deep, dark lake. But what guilty secret is it hiding so well? [more..]

Twisted Things : Rescued after hours in the freezing water clinging onto the wreckage of her yacht, Clara Conner wakes up in Dover Hospital with hazy memories of the accident that put her there. Patrick, her husband, is missing following an explosion that tore the Connemara apart.

Haunted by shocking and violent images, Clara becomes convinced that Patrick was murdered and that she was attacked; but are these really memories or are they just trauma induced fantasies? [more..]

Hot Ice : Christine Winters, young, beautiful and brainy, quits her successful legal career for a more exciting life and joins a London-based company investigating fraud ... [more..]

String of Pearls Helen Conroy is happily married with two children and a husband she adores when war is declared. ††The blitz leaves her homeless, so she returns to her fatherís house on the Dorset coast, but she is shattered when her husband asks for a divorce... [more..]


Summer Harvest

Song of the Wind

Shadows on the Snow

The Corsican Woman


The Sentinel

Harvesting the Past

Snakes and Ladders


Winners and Losers

Twisted Things

Ripples on a Pond

Hot Ice

String of Pearls

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